Performance Art

Duct Tape Project

I will graduate from the Bachelor of Fine Arts: Fine Art & Design in Education in august 2022. I have been experimenting with different kinds of performances using duct tape as a common visual thread. It's been in the works for three years and has changed and developed alongside the pandemic. In June of 2022, the work will be featured at Exposure by the Utrecht School of Arts

Student Exposition

During an excursion at Fine Art & Education I spend my week on a big project researching the homeless situation in Berlin. I volunteered with the little help there is as well as pretending to be homeless for a day to get into the foodbank and in character. I spend the entire exposition posing as a beggar in a children's box functioning as a cage to present an actual homeless person as an artwork. 

Dance Event
The Postroom No. 3

The Postroom is not just any kind of dance party. It's a gathering of artists and creatives to celebrate creativity. I was invited to create a gigantic painting at the back of the dancefloor. I invited guests to dance and pose for me so I could loosely include them in the painting. 

HE:LEEN Expeditie Rotsoord

Expeditite Rotsoord was a communicy music festival for the local neighborhood. I was part of a DJ-stage / Performance art. Painting a background on a transparent canvas. In front of the stage was a silent disco where guests could enter the boxing ring and have a dance battle.