I'm David Lvov (26), coming to NYFA from the Netherlands, born and raised. Thank you for your intrest in me as a potential housemate. Please let me introduce myself and feel free to have a look around my website to learn more about my work as an artist. 

About me

I've been working for 1,5 year to get to Miami and it's almost time! Since 2018, I've been making stage plays and films by myself to create a portfolio worthy of filmschool and in 2022, I got accepted at NYFA. I already have a bachelors degree in Visual Art & Design in Education so the previous year, I've been saving up working as a teacher and collecting different funds to make my filmmaking dream a reality. I love working with people and being creative with them. 

Me as a roommate 

Currently, I live close to Amsterdam together with my wonderful girlfriend: Isa. (Who unfortunately won't be joining me in America as she is already studying psychology in the Netherlands)  We share a big house with 13 other people, and we've grown to be quite the group of friends over the past few years even though we share only two bathrooms. Here's a picture of us! It's not the first place I've lived by myself but here, I really learned to live close to other people and accept their habits while also learning how much you can help each other by cooking together, cleaning and borrowing stuff from each other.

Practical information 

My budget for a room will be between $800 - $1000 per month. I know it's not much, but I have all my money saved up so I can afford to pay multiple months of rent at once. 
I have signed the commitment letter, but I still have to pay the tuition because of difficulties getting my Dutch insurance to replace the one NYFA offers. Should be fixed by 07/20/2023. 

Regardless, I can not stress enough how dedicated I am to do the Master. I've been building up to it for 1,5 years and I'm leaving everything behind for the duration of the master. 

My plane arrives on 08/22/2023. I'm currently planning to do a small AirBnB until I find my housemates. I would absolutely love to have an apartment close to school and live with three or more people so I'm set on making that a reality!