Sacta started life while I was working as an art and drama teacher at a local high school. When the pandemic hit, I started work on a script with a central idea: A play about a play. When it became clear almost all of the yearly activities of the school had to be cancelled, I set up a meeting with the school director to turn this script into a movie. She decided to trust me and the team with €10.000 and I started working on building the set, sketching story boards, arranging light and sound, training the actors and in april of 2021, we had a 7 day shooting schedule. Time was short since we had to deal with a curfew and most of the main actors doing their final exam but miracilously, all the scenes were shot even though we usually had about 45 minutes per scène to shoot it. 


I wanted Sacta to be a light-hearted comedy with some sharp edges around the corners. Focusing on a doomed play saved by a single member of the dysfunctional team. I love stories of creative productions almost falling apart and being saved at the last moment. I filmed it handheld and zoomed in to make it feel more like a documentary but most of the shots are carefully lit and put together to try and give it a cinematic quality (hence, the aspect ratio) . For four months, I practiced with the actors as if it was going to be a play so they knew the lines by heart and that saved a lot of time during shooting. In editing I tried to make it as fast paced as possible, only the first shot being longer than a few seconds. My biggest regret is the script not being focused enough. It tries to balance the plot of the main actress and her dad, the co-director saving the play and an evil corporation ruining the play. It turned out too confusing. I also regret communicating too much with the costume and set designers and not enough with light and sound. A lot of shots could have been improved if I would have shared my ideas more with them. 

Infuential media 

Most influential inspirations: Concept of Birdman (2014) and Welcome to Me (2014). Dry humor of Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Contrast between show and behind the scenes: One Cut of the Dead (2017), editing style of Arrested Development (2003 - ...), set and costume design of Clueless (1995). Surreal quality of Mulholland Drive (2001)

Video submission

The film is 65 minutes long. I regret not being able to make something more compact so I could have given more care to the details but I had no choice considering the context. I tried to make a 15 minute version especially for you but I found that it took away most of the charm. I have come up with the following solution:

If you have 15 minutes to watch from the movie, please spend it as follows: 

-Watch five minutes starting 01:07
-Scan through the scenes for five minutes. 
-Watch five minutes starting 49:00


Thank you so much for your attention. 

Story board examples

Early sketches

Me and the cast



Directed by

David Lvov


Written by

David Lvov & Tim van Kaam



David Lvov


Lightning Technician

Pim Besseler


Cinematographer and Story boards

David Lvov


Sound designer

Pim Besseler


1st Assistant Sound

Emma Roetman


Sound editors

Pim Besseler & David Lvov


Recording Leader

Boris Mulder


Script Supervisor

Marit Stienstra


Set Design

René Kouwer, David Lvov & Noa Jorritsma



Eugenie Kips, Sylwia Nikolaas, Rieneke de Pater 


Hair & Make-up

Madelein Pico, Willemijn Brouwer & Noa Jorritsma


Composed by

Tim van Kaam, Mark Kloeg & Wouter van Kaam


Technical assistance

Theo van der Kraai 



Casper Stienstra & Madelein Pico 


Boom operators

Tim van Kaam, Wouter van Kaam & Jeroen van der Stel



Nova van der Lecq, Gabriël Jozwiak & Noa Jorritsma



David Lvov & Casper Stienstra



After School Groove 




Nina Tsoutsanis als "Camilla"
Mohini Ramtahalsing als "Fiep"
Julia Lauf als "Lana"
Ia Cator als "Hella"
Boris Mulder als "Dex"
Arnout Vos als "Meneer Tiggers"
Elina van Niftrik als "Viviènne"
Jeske Korevaar als "Karlijn"
Anne Boone als "Agnes"
Axel Labordus als "Djordy"
Feline van Hensbergen als "Marie-Claire"
Jamie van Zuylen als "Amy"
Laura Teixeira Pijpers als "Alexa"
Bart Jol als "Otto Vos"
Esther Overbeek als "Beau"
Jelle de Hoog als "Dylan"
Jorrit Driessen als "Rikkie"
Veerle Terlouw als "Shirley"
Celine Thoen als "Bianca"
Charlotte Verdonk als "Linda"
Ella Mourik als "Scarlett"
Laura Tudor als "Kate"
Sanne Kneppers als "Lizzy"
Siena Pedrini als "Suze"
Sterre van Wijk als "Isabella"
Terence Notenboom als "Dirk-Simon"
Gabriël Jozwiak als "Albrecht"


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- Stanislascollege Westplantsoen
- Dames op Zolder
- Unitsound
- Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht